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Heinz Waibl

Heinz Waibl

Heinz Waibl was born in Verona in 1931. After the diploma of Artistic Grammar school and the biennium of Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, he begins to work like assistant of Max Huber. In Milan during the post-war period, Waibl finds the right habitat to cultivate his mitteleuropee roots. Max Huber will think to educate him to the rules of the professional rigor and to the widest intellectual freedom. Once Huber defined him "... a terrone of the Bauhaus "and you can read the influence of this school during his stay in the U.S.A.
The list of works by Waibl is wide: May Meyer Monograph, Venini catalogue ; North Milan Railroad Companies Competition, ICSID manifest, "from the spoon to the city", Nava-Porsche Design Manifest, Brand Ramazzini Institute, ICE exhibitions "Gold Caliper Italian Itinerant Design", "Car Design" at the Beauburg of Paris, co-ordinate images for Sildamin, North Italy Assurances, Publisher, Emilia Romagna Region, arrangements for RAI, Montecatini, BTicino in collaboration with Achille Castiglioni, coat of arms for the new Province of Biella, Corporate Identity Cartoinvest (Carrara Group). Member of managing committee ADI 1989-1991, president COMFORTS Italy since 1994 (International Alliance Graphique).
He is professor at the Polytechnic School of Design of Milan since 1971 and author of the volumes "To the roots of the Italian visual communication" and "Planning". He created the audiovisual  "The interactive diagram".

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