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Ettore Giordano Vincenzo Vinci für Nava entworfene Produkte

Ettore Giordano Vincenzo Vinci

Ettore Giordano 
Ettore Giordano lives and works in Milan. Since 2001 his main occupation deals with industrial design.
A combination between design production and teaching as a professor assistant.
Following a research path at the Politecnico di Milano and various foreign experiences in Spain, Turkey, Brazil and China, he is now fixed in his studio in Milan.
Essential component of his work is the ability to cross several disciplines, from more architectural traditional ones to those which relate more to our times such as semiotics, cultural criticism and environmental responsibilities.
His experience is structured by consultancy made for different companies in various markets: Danese Milano, Lavazza s.p.a., Slide Design, Tod’s, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Carrozzeria Castagna, IGP Decaux, Gardesa, Palladium real estate group, Brinna (Brasil), Sunon Group (China).
Now he is Chief Designer Officer of Isvea (Turkey) and Design Curator of Cera Ltd. (India).

Red Dot Award
A Design Award
Italian packaging award

Vincenzo Vinci

Vinci Studio's work sometimes asks to be used rather than observed, other times the slow-and-steady style breaks out of typical languages but always investigates the delicate game of balances between needs, desires and responsibilities. Vincenzo was born in Italy, in a Mediterranean town, in a family with a long craft tradition. He graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2006. Immediately after, he began to provide exclusive, quality design services across an eclectic range of markets - from packaging to furniture, from retail to exhibition - then establishing his own studio in Milan with 10 years of experience. Also working abroad, the studio specialised in the fields of contract and office products, paying close attention to a personal language and approach. Vinci’s work was awarded with international awards such as Good Design from Chicago Athenaeum, Red Dot and Design Award.

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