The evolution of a bag that adapts to new styles 

Work bags are no longer as they used to be. They’ve come a long way since their first appearance in the most prestigious professional environments and continue to be an ever-present accessory, evolving and adapting to the passage of time.

work bags

A briefcase is a must-have accessory for every business person. Architects, doctors, and great entrepreneurs have carried briefcases as they represented a real status symbol for the ruling class of the time. Their primary purpose was to hold work tools such as documents, folded into the various compartments. Functionality and resistance were guaranteed by top quality materials, leather for the most, and by the presence of multiple compartments and pockets on the inside and outside.

Structured shapes and classic colors like black and tan, immediately project a certain sense of rigor and professionalism.

How have things changed? Work bags are increasingly performing and have adapted to the new needs of contemporary professionals by carrying their new work tools.  

Computers, tablets, chargers, and all types of electronic devices have replaced paperwork and stationery. Shapes are softer, sometimes unstructured, with interiors organized for holding devices. Trends have also changed for what concerns materials and colors. We’ve gone from leather to fabric or fabric-leather. Together with classic dark office shades, we now also find more eccentric colors for the most diverse personalities. 

work bags

The design of work bags doesn’t only change for their function and their users’ occupation. They also transform in line with the latest trends, offering a great variety of combinations with different looks and styles.

Practicality combines with new technological needs and aesthetic trends, a winning trio that easily translates into a new model that has conquered the professional world: we’re talking about backpacks

work bags nava

Times change and so do fashions and habits, but some accessories are everlasting. They are affected and transformed by the charm of time, confirming the choice of all those who, despite the years, continue to appreciate these accessories. 

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