Discover the latest innovative watch Ora Unica by NAVA Design, for design lovers that make imagination and irony their distinguishing feature.

Ora Unica: The “Timeless” Watch by NAVA Design!

A watch apparently without time, without hours, a watch created so as not to think about time, the hour and minute hands are represented by a single line drawn on two circular faces.

Ora Unica: Both Faces Together Resemble a Graphical Gesture

Look at the dial of this original and unusual wristwatch: Hour and minute hands are missing, in their place a single line, almost a doodle, a graphic gesture that changes with the passage of time.

Ora Unica: Both Faces Together Resemble a Graphical Gesture!

The 2 superimposed dials and the very clean and essential design, make this watch a unique product and a must-have for all design lovers.

“Ora Unica”: A Provocative Watch…

Denis Guidone, the internationally renowned designer who works with NAVA Design for the realization of successful products, has designed this provocative and ironic watch, whose aesthetic principle seems to be the inaccuracy and carelessness of passing time.

“Ora Unica”: A Provocative Watch…

“Ora Unica” is amazing, the watch that you do not expect and that will mark the time and the hours of your days with accuracy and unmistakable style.


Details & Quality by NAVA Design

Wristwatches Ora Unica are available in 2 different sizes of the dial: 42 and 36 mm.

Details & Quality by NAVA Design

Stainless steel case, genuine leather strap, mineral glass and impermeability: As always NAVA Design products do not give up in both quality and practicality of each detail.


Also in Fluo Colors!

Ora Unica is available also in 3 beautiful fluo colors: Orange, Magenta, and Blue in the 36 mm dial size!

Also in Fluo Colors!

But it is not over here: In fact the fluo variants of the Ora Unica watch are sold in a special gift box along with My Book Fluo in the same color of the clock. A perfect gift for all occasions!

Special gift box along with My Book Fluo in the same color of the clock!

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Make your time even more valuable and exclusive!


Written by NAVA Design – Marketing Office