PASSENGER by Nava Design is one of the most successful urban lines of bags and accessories for city users. It is rich, super-equipped, sporty and versatile, designed for those who move frequently and quickly in the city, for those who need to travel light using public transport or even the bike but have to bring with them everything to work wherever they are.

PASSENGER, for a young, dynamic and successful user.

It is made with ultra-resistant and anti-rain polyester fabric, which is really appreciated by those who “bring the office with them” every day.

Passenger Bags by Nava Design

Whether you choose the backpack, the briefcase or the iPad crossover, you will have the same feeling: a mix of astonishment, admiration and desire given its lightness, versatility, functionality and cared organization of the internal compartments. Useful padded pockets are designed to store and protect tablets, laptops and smartphones during your transfers.

The young and sports features of PASSENGER by Nava Design are highlighted by cool details like the coloured small parts and the rubber labels.

Passenger Bags by Nava Design

Even in Tech version.

For the technological ones, there is the ultra-modern tech version: more contemporary and rich in details than ever, it stands out for the lining, the mesh and other details in bright contrasting colours.

New glam colours to characterize the urban style

Since versatility is one of the main and most appreciated features of PASSENGER, this year the line has been renewed with new glam colours: a discreet and elegant light grey, a seductive and passionate red and a fresh cobalt blue, able to bring clear skies and endless expanses of crystal clear waters even in the most grey city. It’s up to you…

Passenger Bags by Nava Design