The initiative of designing the ideal backpack promoted by Nava Design, in collaboration with Open Milano, continues.

After the round table entitled “More than backpack” held on 20 April in the co-working spaces of Viale Monte Nero and included in the calendar of events of Milan’s “Fuorisalone”, continues the commitment of students and young designers to design the ideal backpack.

A functional, useful backpack that, in addition to a sophisticated and modern design, is able to accompany the user in his long days away from home. It is precisely the role of the backpack, from a simple container to a “portable office” and indispensable companion, which has been discussed in the above-mentioned talk, animated by words and experiences of designers, sociologists and entrepreneurs.

On that occasion, the namesake contest “More than backpack – open your mind and design the ideal backpack” was presented, which aims to explore the innovative ideas of students and designers in terms of style, technology and features of the backpack.

The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to participate in the study and industrialization of his project alongside Nava Studio designers, with a period of 30 days in the company.

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