When design becomes magnetic 


While you write something down and take notes you entrust thoughts and words to a white sheet of paper. Sometimes, a simple everyday writing instrument as a pen can become a personal and intimate accessory able to represent ourselves, telling and preserving our stories, determining the importance of each written word.

And what happens when Nava’s ongoing search for quality and innovation meets the expertise of Giulio Iacchetti, an industrial designer and winner of the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro” award? …Magnetica!


Magnetica is a perfectly clean cylinder characterized by Euclidean geometry, interrupted only by a minimal and functional clip. Its magnetic cap is precisely positioned at the top of the pen’s body and, when finished, it autonomously moves towards the tip to close it.

There is a Magnetica pen for every need! Discover Schmidt P900M ballpoint pen for practical daily use; Schmidt P8126 roller pen to guarantee a continuous and fluid stroke; Schmidt FH241 fountain pen for those who wish to preserve the authentic expressiveness of lines.

Ballpoint pen
Roller pen
Fountain Pen

Magnetica is available in 4 colors, inspired by the contrast between the pen’s aluminum body and the metal clip: black/black – black/silver – blue/silver – silver/silver.


Get inspired by the unique design of Magnetica and choose your favorite one here: