GAE is Nava’s new tote backpack 

 “a tribute to Gae Aulenti” 

GAE è la nuova borsa zaino di Nava

Nava’s deep connection with the design world began long ago. Its products count nearly 50 years of history, tracing the evolution of a company that has always been oriented towards research and experimentation. Nava has been able to intercept and personally involve world-renowned designers in the production of exclusive products.

This bond is now reinforced in a totally new way through GAE, by drawing inspiration from a great character in the architectural and design world.

GAE è la nuova borsa zaino di Nava

GAE is a tote backpack that reflects the style and architectural choices of Gae Aulenti. Balanced geometric shapes are emphasized by an intense and vibrant color, making GAE the perfect synthesis of organization, versatility, linearity, and aesthetic rigor. 

GAE is an elegant women’s accessory, made of fine Italian first grain leather, soft to the touch yet strong and durable. It is cleverly designed to turn into a backpack, handbag, crossbody, or shoulder bag thanks to the simple functionality of its two adjustable and removable straps. 

GAE è la nuova borsa zaino di Nava

Red is the color chosen to convey concepts of strength, vitality, and uniqueness and which perfectly matches the dominating character of this product. 

This versatile and elegant tote backpack allows Nava to approach design solely counting on inspiration, evoking shapes and colors, transferring the strengths of iconic works into practical, comfortable, and suitable for daily use design objects. 

GAE is a tribute dedicated to Gae Aulenti by Nava Design and Sovrappensiero Design Studio.

Entirely hand made in Italy, in a “limited edition of only 100 items”.