Focus. Extra space, always with style! 


Did you ever happen to give something up because of a lack of space?

Filled with enthusiasm, we get our backpacks ready and then discover that all the things we had set aside don’t actually find the perfect fit.

Focus is designed to interpret the needs of urban users, offering plenty of space for a working day or a short trip out of town.


Organization above all. On the inside, find compartments organized for accommodating computers and tablets. On the outside, the large pockets not only define the collection’s design but also feature extra accessories like the USB port for charging devices

Focus on the road or in the city? 

Nava’s Focus collection includes 2 backpacks, 2 briefcases, a shoulder strap, and a portfolio. All items are made with resistant materials and iconic colors that will find a perfect match with anything. 

Practical and versatile to jump from one appointment to another around the city. Moreover, all bags and backpacks keep your personal documents and credit cards safe, thanks to the internal RFID-protected pocket. 


Focus is a collection also designed for travelers. The large backpack features 

a clothing compartment, and, just like the briefcase, the back flips open for easy screening through airport security. 

All you have to do now is understand how much space you need and choose your ideal Focus model!