Stylish accessories for contemporary businessmen  

Who ever said that a businessman should necessarily have a classic and formal look?

Here’s our selection of accessories to choose from to tone down that seriousness that typically comes with formal suits.


Bag or backpack guy?

The first element that defines a businessman’s style is his bag.

The classic briefcase divided into compartments to tidily hold documents has been redesigned in a contemporary style. Either elegant or sporty, with handles or shoulder straps, Nava’s selection satisfies everyone’s choice.


Backpacks have become widely used in the last few years. They are definitely trendy accessories that meet the functional needs of those who are always on the run. Made of fabric or leather and equipped with all the latest technology and safety supports, it perfectly completes your look without giving up practicality. 


Stylish small accessories

Notepad portfolio

Show up at every meeting with a professional look, thanks to Nava’s notepad portfolio. This accessory is very appreciated in professional environments: it allows you to have everything you need at hand during meetings. There are dedicated compartments for all your documents, notes, pens, and business cards. 



A watch is undoubtedly a must-have to complete your daily outfit. Either you like wearing the same favorite watch every day, or prefer matching it to your outfit, a Nava designer watch is always a good idea. This visual element easily goes with everything; it stands out yet respecting your personality and unique features. 



A businessman pays attention even to the smallest accessories, for example pens.

With its intuitive and minimal design, Magnetica appears as a perfect cylinder interrupted only by a clip and has absolutely original features. Its magnetic cap can be positioned at the end of the pen’s body and moves autonomously towards the tip for closure.

Aesthetics and functionality are available in 4 colors and 3 models: roller, ballpoint, and fountain pen


Discover all of Nava’s must-haves for businessmen!