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Uno 61

Uno 61

Uno61 was started by two friends, Marco Broglia and Renzo Pigliapoco, both with years of experience in the fashion industry.
Marco Broglia studied at the Maragoni Fashion Design School. He began his profession by combining design and retail management, working from prototype to production of private labels. In 2008, after 20 years of working in all directions of the fashion industry, Marco, along with Renzo Pigliapoco, gave rise to the Uno61 concept.
Renzo Pigliapoco has a background in economics. He studied Economics at the University of Ancona and later worked with Istao. His work experience is in clothing production, where he worked on product development and fashion designer to create his own collections.
The main idea behind Uno61 is to devise not just a garment but a design object, timeless and without the general demands dictated by the fashion industry. Uno61 creates a multifaceted jacket, faithful to its minimalistic design.
An urban jacket inspired by the snail shell, a second skin made of new Hi tech materials in the best tradition of Italian tailoring. A revolutionary jacket to suit many occasions and changing weather conditions of the day.
Since the debut of the first URBAN SHELL JACKET (ZEUS Fair - Fuori Salone 2008) new materials and technology have given way to offshoots of the original. The NOMAD SOLAR JACKET (New Office Design Award 2009 “Il posto di lavoro che non c’è” -Triennale Bovisa Milan and KOREAN DESIGN WEEK - Seoul), the URBAN BIKE JACKET (ENTRATALIBERA - Fuori Salone 2010) and the latest AIR TRAVEL JACKET co-branding with NAVA Design, presented with their Urban Mobility handbags.
The brand is named 1.61, Phi from the Greek, synonymous with beauty and harmony. The best minds in history, from Leonardo to Bach, from Pythagoras to Le Corbusier as well as Fibonacci used the divine proportion in their works.
Nature's harmonic forms inspire us, its arrangement of petals on a rose, the cosmic spiral, the shell of a snail... so was created UNO61 Shell Jacket.

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