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The Gate line is inspired by air travel, for business or pleasure. The products feature microinjected logos, reflector address tags, trolleys and a checkpoint-friendly system with all-around opening that speeds up baggage inspection procedures.

Courier Sneakers

Bags and accessories inspired by the world of sneakers devoted to leisure, work and lifestyles. Made of polyester with mélange insert, treated to be water-resistant, with perforated silicon band, gunmetal gray nickel trim and contrasting details. Created for people attentive to detail and the latest trends who want to complete their look with urbanite accessories.

Courier Leather

In the Courier Leather line you’ll find products made in full-grain calf, soft and pleasant to touch, with drummed leather detailing plus a very contemporary look. Distinctive features are care for detail, well-organized interiors, lightly stippled nylon-poly and brushed nickel accessories.


The products in the Traffic line are made of two-tone waterproofed Airmesh 3D and polyester. The line's distinguishing characteristic is its superior level of protection, not just of the product, but also of you, the user: in fact, in the bags and knapsacks there are special pockets designed to hold a LED light that makes you more visible as you move around town after dark.


Passenger is an urban line comprising bags, notepad portfolios, cases, backpacks and accessories made of ultra-durable, water-resistant polyester. This line is defined by lightness, versatility, and efficiently organized internal compartments - its bags are, in fact, equipped with padded pockets for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Perfect for those who are always on the go for work or pleasure.

Passenger Action

Passenger Action is a “Special Edition” with a very hi-tech look and contemporary styling. Continual exploration into style and materials helped to create a line with fine technical features and a strong, up-to-date appearance.

The line is composed of backpacks, key-holders and cases for Notebook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Passenger Contrast

In the "Passenger Contrast" line a play of contrasts is accentuated using materials and colors in a young, sporty way. In materials simple polyester is combined with a rubbery one, ultra-resistant and rainproof. In colors black is combined with yellow and light grey with orange. Light, versatile, practical, it keeps you always perfectly organized with padded pockets for your laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Passenger Business

Professional, practical, and lightweight, the Passenger Business line is characterized by bags and backpacks whose materials combine with soft, Italian calf leather. The sophistication of its models and the elegance of its designs are highlighted by metal accessories and chrome-plated zippers.


The Courier line has a strong contemporary spirit and lifestyle. The products are made from technological materials combined with technical details in soft touch silicone. Its distinctive features are the great internal organization, the water-repellent and anti-dirt fabrics, and the trendy colours.

Courier Business

A superior line for those who desire a more refined product. The main element is the concept of leather with two-tone details coupled with a high-resistant fabric. Dedicated to a man with refined taste who constantly seeks new emotions and recognizes the essence of design in the details.


Milano is the line with an international flavour designed by Naoto Fukasawa. Products of the highest quality, top grain Italian leather, clean lines and elegant sophisticated colours make this line of bags a true style icon.

Dot_Com 2.0

Dot_com 2.0 represent a casual, young and design product. Values for a technology consumer and attentive to trends. Compact and simple shapes are in combination with actual and technical material.


These bags, backpacks, and shoulder bags were conceived, designed, and built to satisfy all your functionality and mobility needs. To this end, the bags of this line are all equipped with safe compartments and pockets for your smartphone, laptop, and tablet. Highly durable Nylon and soft touch polyurethane make the entire line of Dot_com products extremely lightweight and ultra resistant.

Dot_Com 2.0 Eco

The "Dot_Com 2.0 Eco" line pays great attention to ecological and environmental aspects.
Bags and accessories made entirely from eco-sustainable materials gotten from recycling PET bottles.
Eco-friendliness goes hand in hand with light weight, convenience, practical use and internal space organized to hold your devices.


The Smooth line is composed of a full range of wallets, coin pockets, key rings, and accessories made of top-quality, full-grain, Italian calf leather. NAVA's small leather goods combine aesthetics and functionality: their excellent workmanship can also be seen in the colors used for their inner linings and in the embossed NAVA logos which lend them a discreet and elegant custom look.


Featuring bags with a clean, contemporary design, the Easy line offers a perfect introduction to NAVA's products, thanks to its excellent quality/price ratio.


The work bags of the Downtown line are waterproof and soft to the touch, thanks to their nylon material.

Metal zippers and logos lend luster to the products whose lower areas are made of a material that is highly resistant to wear, perfect if you often rest your bag on the ground.

Saffiano Icon

The "icon" collection made of classic, Saffiano print leather includes wallets, key rings, notepad portfolios, and iPhone and iPad cases featuring clean lines and a contemporary design. To complete the line, designer products dedicated to furnishing your office have also been created.


In this line of bags, the minimalist style typical of Naoto Fukasawa takes center stage.

Its products are made of soft leather with a vintage effect that lend them a sense of lightness. The line includes shopper bags (totes), 2-handle bags, shoulder bags, iPad cases, iPhone cases, men's wallets, women's wallets, and accessories.

Designer timepieces

This line consists of wristwatches with unique characteristics, created by world-renowned designers.

NAVA has introduced a new way to conceive of time through objects that will complement and highlight your personality.


Created by international designers, the NAVA calendars are recognized as icons of style throughout the world. They are divided into two categories: perpetual calendars (that can be reused each year) and dated calendars.


My book is a book. It is a book without text. At first glance, it may look like a printing error, but in reality it is a chance to imagine a story, a book that you can write yourself, day by day.
It is a blank space in which to imagine: you can even leave its pages empty and simply "fill" them with your thoughts… You'll wonder, though, what is it really, in the "end"? There is no end; perhaps it is an object that will leave you "without words". Wait! That might be a good beginning ...

The Planner

The Planner line, ideated exclusively for revolutionary designs or unusual ideas, consists of a 16-month datebook and lined notes or blank pages. The plasticized, scratchproof cover is printed in 4 colors, giving a unique look to these objects of fine design. Free your thoughts on paper, be inspired by this line's design!


These notebooks and weekly or daily diaries/planners feature colored cloth covers, handy elastic closures, and page marker ribbons that combine to give the line a youthful, designer look.


The Work line is composed of daily and weekly diaries/planners of various sizes, featuring a variety of bindings.

Printed in NAVA's 2 characteristic colors (gray and orange) and completely redesigned in 2014 by the designer Artemio Croatto, winner of Compasso d'Oro, they represent the most complete line of diaries/planners from the world of NAVA.


A line made up of weekly diaries/planners designed in 1972 by the legendary designer Bob Noorda.

Their 20×26-cm size and pages richly printed in 4 colors – cyan, warm red C, yellow, and black – make these planners a true cult item for those who love design.

Day By Day

This daily diary/planner was created by the famous designer Max Huber in 1972: each year, it is modified to bring the product up to date without undermining its initial concept.

Available in a single 17×24-cm format, it features uncoated ivory pages printed in 2 colors: blue and red.

No Ordinary

The designer notebooks and 16-month diaries/planners of the "No Ordinary" line boast unique personality thanks to their refined details, including tone-on-tone edges, practical elastic closures, lines made of series of tiny dots, and screen-printed covers, all of which combine to characterize this innovative line by NAVA. "Change is Good!"

Pattern Notes

Quaderni di design con copertina realizzata in lino naturale successivamente stampato in digitale con tecnica UV e serigrafato sul dorso. Interni realizzati in carta 100% riciclata, il nastro di chiusura e il nastrino segna pagina, conferiscono ai prodotti di questa linea un aspetto retrò che ti conquisterà.


Made of card stock or Saffiano print (grained) leather, these notebooks, notepads, diaries/planners, and iPad and iPhone cases are characterized by original inscriptions and designs to allow for easily identifying their purpose and product type.

Nava Notes

Designed by Artemio Croatto, winner of the 2014 Compasso d'Oro, this series of notebooks features a look that represents the heart and soul of the products themselves. 

Their choice of cover material and internal printing lends richness to the products. The possibility of specifying the year, month, and day while writing your notes will help you keep your thoughts as organized as possible.


Saffiano print (grained) leather lends elegance and high resistance to wear.

n this line, you'll find accessories, key rings, diaries/planners, boxes, pen holders, photo frames, work bags, and desktop objects.

One Year of White Pages

This notebook is composed of 12 mini notebooks held together by a ribbon, along with a box that acts as a case. Each notebook is pierced with holes, the number of which increases sequentially to indicate the months.

It's an innovative notebook that allows you to take notes on a monthly basis, to best follow the progress of your work, from one month to the next.

Organizer refills

A line of paper and plastic items to complete and customize your personal organizer (ring binder diary/planner) from NAVA. Designed by Dario Serio, their graphics reveal the role they play within your organizer.


The Button line, unique of its kind, consists of organizers and datebooks made entirely of eco-sustainable materials: fabric created from recycled PET bottles combined with inserts of recycled leather.