Keeping a personal diary means… so many things

Keeping a journal is an indispensable ritual once started. It helps to rearrange your thoughts, express the most uncontrollable emotions, explore the land of the possible meanings, create complicity with yourself, understand yourself most and fix the most important moments of your life forever.

Flexi Journal Nava Design

As a gift to yourself or as a small but precious thought for an important person, Flexy Journal by Nava Design looks like the perfect diary: in two practical sizes (15 x 21 cm A5 size and 11 x 16,5 cm small size) and in four colours to satisfy every taste (black, light blue, orange and yellow), Flexy Journal is cared to the smallest detail.

The important details to contain your story

Flexi Journal Nava Design

Flexy Journal by Nava Design presents many details. Starting with the PU flexible cover that makes a product easier to bring everywhere. Everything is done to excite, even the romantic font chosen for the embossed inscription on the cover is a way to remember to face life with a bit of romance. Also the three elements in matching colours give a pleasant colour contrast: the round elastic band, the ribbon and the edge.

What are you waiting for? Trust in the Flexy Journal by Nava Design

With Flexy Journal it will impossible not to become a daily journal writing addict.

160 pages all to fill with whatever you want, as well as the pages of your life.

Flexi Journal Nava Design