Everything Notes Sakura Contrast is the line of notebooks designed for Nava Design by one of the leading Italian graphic designers, Artemio Croatto.

100% natural, everyone likes it

Everything Notes Nava Design

Characterized by the fun chromatic contrasts and the Sakura fabric cover made of 100% natural fibers, the line is particularly versatile because is suitable for any use and is widely appreciated both from the young & easy personalities, attracted by functionality and bright colours, and the most sophisticated and demanding ones, always trying to stand out, thanks to the quality of the materials used and the attention to details.

Care for details makes the difference

The practical wire-o, the elastic band closure matching the edge in sharp contrast with the silkscreen printed cover, the original rounded corners make Everything Notes Sakura Contrast real design items, accessible to everyone and always at your fingertips, to write down notes and meetings, thoughts and phone numbers… For every detail worth of attention, there’s an Everything Notes Sakura Contrast By Nava Design ready to receive it.

Everything Notes Nava Design

Everything Notes Sakura Contrast is a rainbow of possibilities: light blue, billiard, orange, red, grey and yellow… a colour for each mood.

Available in 15×21 cm A5 size and 9,5×13 cm pocket size.